How does Garnet Group charge for services?
We offer you two fee structure options — a flat dollar retainer, reset annually, or a percentage of assets under management (AUM). Our minimum annual fee is $12,000 regardless of fee structure. Either choice ensures an objective and unbiased relationship between you and Garnet Group.

Our advice is independent and impartial.
We do not take commissions or referral fees. Our only compensation for our advice is the fees paid by clients.

Retainer and AUM fees promote open communication, throughout the process.
An hourly fee can discourage people from picking up the phone. We would rather have as much information about your situation as possible, with as much prior notice as possible of any changes.

On-going relationships are more likely to lead to the plan being implemented.
We work with clients to follow the roadmap developed in the planning process. This can include working closely with other professionals and establishing investment accounts. As life unfolds, we will be there to adapt your plan and help you capitalize on new opportunities.

Choose your own fee structure. We focus on overall planning, in addition to investment management.
Our most valuable advice may pertain to your spending plan, insurance, or taxes. Our service goes well beyond growing your investment portfolio. However, if you prefer the AUM fee structure, we will use that structure and provide the same inclusive service.

Our flexible fee methodology allows us to give high quality advice to clients ready to build a larger investment portfolio.
High-income earners with complex financial situations may need comprehensive advice long before their balance sheets have reached full potential; likewise clients with significant net worth tied up in real estate or a business. These clients may not be a good fit for firms who have a minimum for investment assets, but can still benefit greatly from objective advice. Garnet Group has had great success in helping clients like this build up their liquid assets via regular saving and investment. Our flexible fee methodology allows us to work with them and bring balance to their financial lives.